Welcome, dear reader, to the first post of this freshly minted blog. I predict that future posts here will be largely about writing code for computers. Specifically, I'm a Flash game developer turned web application developer and I currently write a lot of JavaScript. I love to build rich interfaces with React, and often channel Flash nostalgia into <canvas> elements on weekends. If not programming, I'll be writing about some other form of technology here. If that doesn't sound exciting you're welcome to leave, but I hope you stay and learn something!

Anyone who has spent some time travelling around the internet has surely realized there is a lot of garbage information. This however is my slice of the internet, and I have no intention of allowing it to be some sort of virtual dumpster. I will document the occasional personal project which you might think it terrible, but my primary motivation for starting this blog is to explain solutions to problems which I couldn't easily find answers to online. That doesn't mean I'm always right but I hope it adds to the web of information in a good way.

This site itself is a single page React app running in the browser fed by a WordPress REST API on the backend. It makes use of a Service Worker to cache static files, and I hope to offer more features around that in the future such as selectively saving posts for offline viewing. This is some heavy-handed technology often used to develop large web applications, and could be considered over-engineering for a simple blog. I may work to trim out some fat in the future, but I've found React's component model alone to be amazing for representing even a site like this. More than just a blog, this is a personal playground for me to experiment with. I hope it's fun to explore!